My name is Melanie Martí and I’m an English into Spanish translator specialised in marketing translation, transcreation and copywriting

I have a BA in Translation and Interpreting and an MA in Audiovisual Translation. I’ve worked as an in-house marketing translator, and have been offering my language services as a freelance translator since 2019.

With transcreation, I’ve found a way to balance work and passion: translating and creating. I love the fusion of careful craftsmanship with the thrill of technology. My goal is to help you connect with your Spanish audience by translating and creating content that speaks their language, culture, and context.

When I’m not translating, you’ll find me blogging about translation, culture, technology, and language.

What can I help you with?






Quality Control (QC)

Who do I work with?

In a world dominated by shortcuts, automation and urgency, some people still appreciate the value of thoughtful work and long-lasting relationships. If you too enjoy a job well done, we’ll get on well together whoever you are:

  • PR and marketing departments
  • Translation agencies
  • SMEs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers


E-commerce product descriptions
Sector: E-commerce
Servicio: Localisation

Signature Origins chocolate recipes from Veliche
Sector: Gastronomy
Servicio: Translation

Board games based on unsolved murder cases
Sector: Entertainment
Servicio: Localisation

Blog posts about entrepreneurship and fintech
Sector: SaaS
Servicio: Copywriting

Push notification campaign
Sector: Marketing
Servicio: Transcreation

Marnys: Natural cosmetics
Sector: Natural cosmetics
Servicio: Translation

Shall we get started?

Want to know how we can work together on your project? Contact me for a free quote and I’ll get back to you shortly. Let’s see what we can achieve together.